I want people to feel comfortable in front of my camera.
They should just be themselves and not have to pretend to be someone else.

I love art, design and minimalism.
Combining these in photography is always my greatest ambition.

"We immediately fell in love with our wedding photos. Even now, three years later, we are still taken back to every moment of that special day".


Sure - weddings are all about love.
But also about great food and beautiful locations...

...and of course about lovely conversations with old friends and relatives you haven't seen for ages. 

It's always nice to take that one photo that will last in your parents' living room forever.

Just be as you are!
No one has to pose for me.

It's not about the perfect photo - sharp and perfectly exposed.
It's about capturing real emotios.

I look forward to meeting you and spending a great day together.
Let's get that party started!