Why is your website in English?
I have already photographed couples where only one part of them spoke German.
With an English website, I want to address all people and nationalities.
And: In German, everything sounds a bit cheesy. ;)

Are you a professional photographer?
Yes, I did a three-year apprenticeship as a photographer. Mainly in the field of architecture and reportage.
For five years now I have been working as a freelance photographer for press, commercials and events.   

What cameras do you use?
I work with Canon cameras and mainly fixed focal lengths with a large aperture. These are lenses that can still create beautiful images even in darker lighting situations.

What if your camera breaks on our wedding day?
Don't worry, I always have a backup camera and lenses with me.

When will we get the first pictures?
You will receive 4-5 pictures on the day of your wedding. It's easy via WhatsApp, AirDrop or similar.
1-2 weeks after the wedding, you will receive a large online gallery with 50-60 images, where you can download your favourite images in full quality.
After 3-4 weeks I will send you a link with all images in full quality.

Can we get printed pictures?
Yes, in addition to all digital images, I also offer photo books on high quality photographic paper. If you are interested, I can send you a sample photo book by post.
You can also order other prints (e.g. framed images) at any time.

Is every image edited?
Yes, all selected images will be edited.

How does a bridal shoot work?
I always try to integrate bridal couple photos into the wedding day, so that you don't have to plan extra time for it. There is no big photo shoot but rather 1-2 small walks that last a maximum of 5-10 minutes. This naturally results in images that are not staged.

Can we meet you before we book you?
I would love to!